Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"The Spirit of Eve"

This was a weeks long mural for the most part.
Its called "The Spirit of Eve" and i tried to capture the components in a woman that at least I like lol.

Hair: the hair symbolizes beauty. I think there is a feeling attached with hair that speaks in a way that most people dont hear. It tells you more about a person than you think. In a way it sets the overtone of their personality. I also tried capturing the extremes that i see alot of...for instance: the long blone hair on the woman in front is to represent "galmor and beauty", which alot of times is associated with women.
The woman in the back/ middle... stands for the more "exotic" type of woman that stands out to men for some reason as well, i also tried to make her look like she has a "stronger" personality type as well ...she also captures a little bit of creativity too if you can look at her in that sense as well..
Now the female on the left who is reaching out for the fruit is supposed to be a mixture of the too extremes... strong , exotic, but still glamorous in her own way... she is the "Eve" in this painting... my Eve ;)

i made the tree with no leave but still producing fruit...i wanted to capture in a way that the tree is containing a "not so good" spirit... now when i hear of that moment in the Garden of Eaden .. i think of a couple things... 1: i think of how mystical and majestic it must have been...thats why i painted this environment in the feeling that i did...2: i think..if i were in the garden and i had the choice to eat of ANY fruit in there and was told that i couldnt eat of one only.. (it was edible but im just told not to) i dont think i would be as tempted if it were a traditional "apple"..agian this is just me... but i know i would be more enticed to see a fruit that was on a bare tree and was dripping color, at the same time, gave off a glow with a pulse or had a sense of "life" to it...i would be more on the page of .. "hmmm, not that looks interesting ..." so that is why i painted the fruit to look like it does..

also.. im not sure if you can see or not.. but "Eve" in this picture has ear-rings made from the same color or essence of that fruit... as well as the blonde... well she has a necklace that is dripping as well the her hand touches it..this is to symbolize how that "original sin" has carried down thru time.. and is manifested in may other ways... well thats about it... on this one .. i hope you like it .. and im sorry it takes me so long to post new stuff. i will try to have more for you as soon as i can.. thanks for your time...

"The Spirit of Eve