Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Isn't It Tornado?"

A few years ago I had received a CD from a girlfriend I had at the time. The CD was of Jason Upton..." I have never heard of him, so he must not be that good..." I thought , as she handed it to me and attempted to tell me how much she thought I would like it. So I listened and , ya for the most part I like it but...never gave it any more thought than that. I held on the CD just cause it felt like a gift for some reason at the when time came for me to filter threw all my old music and just either throw away the junk...I would keep putting this CD aside for some reason.

I even remember thinking a couple times " why does getting rid of this CD keep feeling like a bad idea?" Honestly, I never listen to it anymore and I most likely never will, lol.

One night I was sitting alone in my had been a while since me and that girl had dated and out of nowhere it just hit me, like "hey Jordan you still have that Jason Upton CD" and I remember feeling like it was a good idea to listen to him at the time. At the time I was feeling kinda just BLAH spiritually down in the dumps, I guess you could say.

So, more or less I kinda thought if I tossed it in, I would just get maybe some encouragement of some sort and lift my spirits or something. Never did it cross my mind, what was in store for me after that. Like I said, I was kinda struggling with a lot in my life...and I was just feeling kinda numb spiritually. So I listen to his album. I began to listen to it while I was struggling before I would I could get to sleep, really.

So, after a while , it felt like I was coming out of my "spiritual slump" caused by my lack of faith- come to find out. But I started to searching for Jesus a little more and began to work on my lack of faith. I started to feel a little "hungry" for it ...ya know? I started really wanting to see a "sign" or a miracle or something along those lines. At the time I was hearing a lot of stories of others lives and all the amazing things that God had done for them and all these cool "majorly obvious" things were happening in their lives and I would look at my life and I was like "why is it so hard to find these things in my life if they are that obvious?"

This was then weighing on my heart for a while and began to almost bother me but I was still very curious or hungry for a little something from God. I really was feeling like I was in desperate need of an answer some how, to just " the where are you God?" question. So here's how it went down...

The CD came into my life from some one else , 2 years prior to this story. After the 2 years I was struggling and needing help. The CD goes in for a bit, I feel better....more problems come up and I'm desperate for another need that runs deep with in me. So then this song one song on there stood out to me so much and I loved it for simply what it was .. a song... or was it? After playing this song out... Ithen stumble onto this video of Jason talking about this song. I forgot to tell you that this copy that I have is a LIVE recording.

After listening to this song I kept getting the same mental picture popping up in my mind...and I never could understand why... but I got the same picture again one night listening to it...and following that was the strongest feeling of "you are going to draw this" I did. This picture is the mental picture I received multiple times from this song. What is the song?.... you ask. Well on my computer it titled it "Dying Star" but if you look it up on you tube, I think I have found another song by that same title from him as well so ... you might have to fish for it. Here's the video of his explanation of the live recorded version and what all happened that night.

WATCH THIS it is AMAZING!!...and totally what I needed.

Turns out, God knew my heart and let me LISTEN to a miracle as its happening, and in the most crazy ways lol. While all of that is goin on... He is doing a miracle all in the process of getting me to hear this miracle that he did along time ago....and totally in a way that is me... through art and music.

Everyone wants to see or witness a miracle i believe in their lifetime. I'm included in that. I wanted so badly to see Him or hear Him, just anything ... ya know? Little did I know I had been hearing a miracle happen over and over and over again...until I really LISTENED to it...I would have never heard this AMAZING thing happen.

So listen to the live version of that song, watch that video I linked and look at my picture...and read my story and tell me Jesus is not Lord....

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