Friday, January 8, 2010

"Baby ..No"

This is an overall representation of the path that we as a society are setting up for our young women...

Women today are held up on this pedestal for all the wrong reasons, and I do believe its affecting not only men, but women as well. Men tend to push this idea of "this is how a woman should act, look, and turn out"... no more than eye candy, in other words..

Now think back to when that "woman" was only a child...a precious little girl who needs her daddy for more reasons than the daddy may know. I find it sickly ironic, but more on the sad side, that the very thing that a little girl needs more of at times,is the same thing that ends up putting her on this empty journey through life to never develop and find herself- but to cripple the inner growth so that she can become a sex symbol for men

Lust is convenient for everybody, you get what you want- then leave...I'm guilty of it and I bet that there is a "jermX" amount of people that are as well ( 99.9%) And speaking of convenience, nothing says convenience more than city life- that's why you see the skyscrapers in the background .Also, the motto "sex sells"is the the idea behind all the marketing pitches behind the stuff we are buying our little ones. This is sad!.. so....
in this picture the woman hovering at the top is a visual of what I see as a seductive spirit just content on where she sits... right over a "city", or the idea of civilization as a whole.

Now we are used to seeing a woman with luscious lips, smooth skin "catty"/ sexy eyes...long full head of hair and a seductive expression of their faces...this is in every make-up ad, every shampoo commercial and every other visual of a woman trying to get the attention of a man. Now thinking of that, go back to the little girl... at the bottom of the picture. In her daddy's t-shirt holding her bear, she is drawn to look hesitant- like she knows better than we do that this is not where she wants to go ,but judging by the rock walls on each side of her, she really has no choice.

The subject of sex has so many layers to it that I believe people do not see... they think of the immediate action that follows the word... they do not think of long term effects ...outward effects and internal effects... what it does to a person's character...their way of thinking .. their purpose.

Women, I believe, are to be a beautiful creation, vsually stimulating for a man- but not to stop there. There is so much more to a woman that needs to be watered and grown in order to fully develop into a righteous woman.... one viewed with respect, with radiating beauty... inside and out... and also grace- and a form of elegance. When witnessed, the only word to describe her is ..."WOMAN"... just how being a male the best compliment I think there is to receive is being called a "MAN"...I can only imagine it being the same for a woman....not "hott", or any other superficial temporary compliment that comes from a man to get what he wants....which is only the surface of a woman... ( see lust drawing for more explanations)

I also typed this pretty fast so if some of it is unclear... just ask me to explain better and I would be more than happy to =)


Anonymous said...

I am stunned that you think this way. I love that you do. I wish everyone could look beyond the person as an object, or beyond the act. Sometimes we have to ask who they are and why they are doing it.. Is it society? Or is it the young girl trying to do whatever she can in order to find true love, so that maybe she can have something of a fairytale ending to her life. that's what a lot of girls dream about. Lust and becoming what we think men want, are just the unavoidable ways women have to work in order to get what they dream for. It's sad that we as "women" have to play that game. But we do.. and sometimes some get lost in it.... and forget the reasons why they started to look and act a certain way in the first place.

Good picture, and good ideas. Very refreshing to know that a young man can think in this nature.

jordan said...

thank you for your comment... i really do think that men have this hidden responsibility in a way to help guide women to a path that ultimately will make them more desirable to men as a whole. considering if women chase this "fairy tale" like you said and the only way to get to that, or to something close to that is to jump through these hoops of "lust" on the way...i think is a mess up on the mans part for putting that route out there saying... "if i'm what you want, this is how you gotta get to me"... now thats either being said verbally or subliminally through, like i sad main stream
just our culture as a hole... and not only will it take an act of God to fix it.. but its goin to take both parties on our part to start the changing process. "be the change you wanna see in the world"..thats a good quote from Gahndi..or however you spell his name lol... but ..The Bible says that the Lord will give us leaders after our own hearts... so .. until our hearts change then you can bet that our culture wont =) i agree with you "anonymous" and hope to see more of your comments on my page... thanks

sherri said...

Love your thoughts in both the picture and the post.

Anonymous said...

I understand that society is the one that puts pressure on women. However, if you think about it men have a lot of pressure too. What does it mean to date or mary a beauiful girl? Men want beauty. To me it seems more like fake beauty most of the time. I don't want to sound negative. There are guys out there that look at the insde beauty rather than the outside. and actually have respect for women, and aren't only hoping to get one thing the quickest way possible. It's so hard to say what could make it stop. Maybe if more men and society wouldn't give power to females that have a lustful, fake beauty persona then there would be no need for women to act this way. It's the classic story of the ugly ducklings perhaps. Where evenyone makes fun of the ugly little thing until i grows up to become this beautiful thing. Girls aren't seen until they have made serious physical changes. So I assume there are two choices for women. Stay natural and don't conform to society's wishes. or stay alone.

Some food for thought for you. Would you actually date a girl if she wasn't a babe? Are you not first captured by a womens looks rather than there personality? maybe you could be someone who is looked up to when you are one of the first in your group to really take into consideration womens thougts and become friends before you make a relationship. Just a thought.