Friday, January 8, 2010

"Everything is in Season"

This picture is pretty special to me for a few reasons. I will explain the reasons here shortly, but first I would like to explain to you what this picture is.

There was a time within this past year where my good friend and I were really digging into some scripture...he was reading in the book of Job and I was listening to him read the part at the end where God is talking to Job and telling him " where he stands" regarding Job's initial comment to God. It starts talking a lot about nature and a sense of order comes to mind about how it was all put together. It was very inspiring to me so I started creating as well, the first chance I got, ya know, while the ideas were still hot. So here's what I did: I took a blank "canvas" or sheet of paper and "split the sky from the sea" or ... drew the horizon.

Immediately placing the sun for light, I then proceeded to draw the little seed just below the earth's surface. After that I put the clouds in the sky and started with the rain drops falling to the ground to water that seed. Following that, I cracked the seed and started expanding the roots into the ground , then started the growth of the seed up into the trunk of the tree. On up it went, into bare branches. All the meanwhile placing blades of grass covering the ground, trying to time it perfectly to where the tree would be at it's maximum height by the time the horizon was covered with grass. I often wonder what season God made I then started with the only season I knew to start from scratch with...Spring!

I brought in more rain, the lightning and heavier clouds. Which then started the growth of the leaves on the tree...which then lead to the leaves falling off the tree and turning to Autumn. After that, I then started to make snowflakes falling from the clouds onto the tree, and unto the ground. I had drawn all that on paper then I took a picture of it...pulled in into my computer and began the process all over again, but this time, I was filling in color, and replacing some sketches of actual photos of clouds that I had personally taken.

I replaced the drawn lightning for a more "realistic" looking type which was a slow shutter result after taking a picture of a light. So I recycled some old pictures I had to recreate this mental picture I had in mind all along.

I said this picture was special to me because of a few reasons...obviously the way I made this is one ,if not a couple of reasons why, however, what I'm about to tell you is true- as I am typing this.

We were at a Bible study one night and people were just playing some music and I was sitting there with a pen and a pad thinking -while all of this worship was going on... and suddenly with out missing a beat, I started drawing this same scene all over again (mind you, this was the third time I had drawn this same scene). Naturally, I was a little burnt out on it when I realized what I was drawing ... however, I just went with it.

I then started to get these short sentences coming to mind and I didn't know what else to do but write them down in random places. At the end of the music session my paper was covered and here is what it read...

" Everything is in season- like we water a seed to crack open and cling tightly to its natural dwelling place, as should you water your hearts, so they may crack open and cling tightly to its natural dwelling place...into the hands of the Father-our Creator ". Having said all that...I will say this ... this is a special piece of art.


Jordan Ray Murphy said...
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sherri said...

Good stuff Jordo.

I love knowing how this came to be.