Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Mural of My Mind"

This is a mural that I have painted in my apartment.
This is also a pretty good explanation of how my mind works. The large red object in the middle represents a brain... the faintly colored green "hooks" flickering out and away from it...are thoughts or ideas. I chose the color red for the brain because 1: It's a muscle...but more so because of the amount of strain that I feel my mind goes through while producing a picture, not a bad strain but a productive one. I chose green on the thoughts because thoughts or ideas should be always fresh and new... like a baby plant in a way, they all start from something however they have the potential to grow into something amazing.

As for the entire picture itself, it is a scene or a world that the brain is creating. Some things in the picture are completely colored in and "finished" as for others, they are in the process of being created. I did that so it would give you a more present-tense feeling to the picture.. like you were sitting in and watching this all happening.

I have this weird obsession with desert rock formations, I think there is so much beauty that radiates out from the desolate earth, untouched, unharmed...just sitting there with its natural wear and tear from time. No roads, no power lines, nothing from "man" just raw beauty. That is why I chose to paint a desert scene to be created here in this picture.

Now as for the swirls in the picture... will will notice two of them. When a person thinks on a topic, what ever it may be, there is always alternate routes that their mind can travel down to relate them to another topic or place in time. That is what the swirls are...they are "mind portals" in a way. If you were to choose to go through one of those, you may end up some where else , somehow related to a desert. Whether it may be a memory of the Grand Canyon, or a clip from a movie you have seen that had a cool desert scene in it, the swirls are the gateways to those thoughts. I also chose swirls because I think they are a good representation of "a process" of something happening.

I also painted this with one sock, some charcoal and my fingers. I hope you enjoyed this one as well. Thanks for reading this and spending the time to get to know me and my art.


sherri said...

Love it!

Kathleen said...

I asked a little tiny girlfriend once what her mind was like. Was it more like a straight line or a circle. Without missing a beat, she said, mines sorta twirly....and this is so true. It is. :) This painting of yours reminded me of that.

sherri said...
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Jordan Ray Murphy said...

=) that is awesome Kathleen.. glad to know im not alone with my thoughts in this world . im quite obsessed with swirls if you must know ...ive been hooked on them i think ever since i watched the movie PI... if you have not watched that.. and like "mind movies" lol i would watch it..=) ps.. i love what you have to say in your blogs just about everything...=)