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Ok...this is a fun one =). I'm just going to jump right into it.

So, the man in the middle is " you and me". Everything you see before him is representing life and all its choices, but more importantly, the outcome of those choices.

One of my favorite Bible verse's is "wide is the path that leads to destruction and narrow is the path that leads to life, and few will find it."(Now I don't know if that is verbatim, lol ... most likely not... however, I know that I'm very close).

Now, the man-who is naturally a "human", has chains that are coming from the back of him to show that ALL human kind is born into a sinful nature, no "buts" about it. If you look at the curvature of the chains, you will see that they bend to the left of the picture, or toward the road. I also tried to make the road (or that side of the picture) be where your eyes go to naturally when you first look at this picture. The reason behind that is simple, and I'll get to it in a minute. As you may have guessed by now, the road is to represent the "wide path" that the scripture was referring to.

Now, since the scripture lets us know that only few will find the narrow path, we have to take in the fact that a vast majority will take the wide path. That is why I tried to make your attention go to that side of the picture first, I mean , considering more people are going to choose that path, based on the scripture. So, the scripture says the wide path leads to destruction-if you look in the shadows of that "highway" you will see to the left of the road are a couple of skulls, those are to represent death...or destruction. Also the burning glow of the sky over the horizon of the road is giving you the idea that there is something beyond your view here. As if, when you take this road you wont see it until you walk the length of it, however the skulls act also as a warning to you on your way down.

The tree is there on the right side of the road to give you a false sense of "life" if you were to choose that path. After all, that is what deception does to a them a false sense of what ever they need.

Now, on the right side of this picture, up closer to the man, you will notice the bent street sign pointing "up" on it. That is representing the narrow path that the scripture talks about. Notice too, how much closer it seems to the man-like if you were physically in this situation, you would only have to take like a few steps to get to your destination if you were to walk toward the sign, right?...opposed to the length you would have to go to get to your destination if you were to choose the road. Obviously, this path and the scripture is talking about Jesus, and following Him and His walk. That is one reason why I made that path feel so close to the man... or "us".

Scripture is very clear about how the Lord is right next to us inviting us to take His hand and walk with Him. And also, how the wicked lurk in the shadows waiting for an innocent soul to destroy.

The bright light at the top is to represent eternity in Heaven, now if you pay attention to the bent sign's shadow... you will notice that the shadow is straight and not all crooked like the post casting it. I did that because there are a few other verse's that talk about "straight is the path that leads to righteousness", and even other variations of the verse that I chose for this picture might say "straight" instead of narrow... or something along those lines, but I think you get

Also, one thing that attracts me to Jesus is how the Bible says that He was not a very attractive man and how the Pharisees hated Him because He was "unorthodox" compared to their standards. So I made the sign all bent looking to give off ,at first impression, that this is an unattractive route-but I made its shadow from the "pure" light of God show you that if you search for will see that regardless of its looks, its nature is straight and almost hidden from your "normal" way of thinking.

And that's what I take from the scripture-"...and few will find it". Jesus is right there in front of us, and all we have to do is slow down (be still) and really look at the warning signs that are posted all along the road that we all choose. Why do we all choose that path?-because it is our nature to...look at the chains, we are born into it. If you look closer at those chains you will see that they are not securely attached at all to us ... and the Lord has told us to lay them down and follow Him-because he has already paid the locksmith to undo them...He just did it when we weren't looking. So we don't believe Him, but that is where having faith and trusting in him will get us where we are intended...right next to Him.

So believe all this or not... it's your choice, always has been...however, it does not change the fact that He is so near and whispering the entire time for us to slow down on this highway of life and actually watch where we are going.

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sherri said...

What a good description and a great reminder.Thanks.