Saturday, January 9, 2010

" The Daydreamer"

This is one of my favorites that I have done.

One night I was sitting there thinking about how your mind just works and why it does half of the things it does, and why. I then started thinking about daydreaming just a topic...ya know? Well I then became kinda fascinated with the idea and started to get this mental picture of how I would see that action being I then ran and grabbed my sketch pad and began drawing the character that you see here.

When I was drawing it...I was trying to portray just a unique character to represent a person with no identity...or how about this...imagine thinking up a character to represent your "mind" but putting it in a sense of human form so you can still identify with it...make sense?... I hope, otherwise I'm going to feel real crazy haha...anyways, that is what he is representing.

All the swirls on his head represent individual thoughts and ideas... memories and emotions. If you remember me saying in that "Mural of My Mind" post that when I use any kind of swirl in a picture, it is to portray some kind of a process or a "flow". So the swirls in this picture do that same thing.

Now the colors I chose where literally the colors I was seeing in my own head when I would think about daydreaming. To me they send off this "timeless" vibe of being in an alternate world or realm, as is your mind when daydreaming. Also his mannerisms of just being chill and content with where he is at...just lounging in the grass in this world he is creating.

I think if you look at this picture as if the plant in his had just popped up in his grasp you will get a better understanding of how the whole feel of this is intended. And the same thing with the background, the tree and the cloud...imagine this picture is just one of many out of a series of still framed shots from a video, and in this video the dude is just sitting there in this big blank space of color with that giant swirl in the sky. The giant swirl represents the process of his world being created at the same time.

I never understood teachers getting on to students for daydreaming in class, haha ,they always acted like they were never getting anything accomplished ;)

The mind is one of the most fascinating things to me and there are a ton a reasons why: it is so mysterious for one, we only use like a third of our brain , and two....makes me then wonder what the rest is for... or what a human actually has the ability to do ...or once had the ability to do.

I'm a potential "see'er" if you give me room to walk...I'll run through it. That's how I see the mind, with all this potential to become something greater than what is shown. Which still then would be simply amazing, because of how complex just a third of it is! I couldn't imagine the original intent for the brain was before we either crippled the remaining two thirds or before God shut it down on behalf of his curses he dropped on mankind for being so stupid, haha.
I heard that at some point in my life, that it was part of the curse after Adam & I'm not saying either way but... I think it is interesting as can be and is worth daydreaming about.

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sherri said...

I love the way you think and this picture is AWESOME!