Thursday, January 7, 2010

"The Believer In Me"

Since this is my first post, I thought it would be appropriate to start off with a piece of art that would kinda help explain a little about me ... probably the biggest part of me. This one I titled "The Believer In Me". This picture was taken at a time of the day when the sun was in the western sky. Based on the shadow of the middle "character" you will notice that the light source seen in the sky is not the primary source of light. Also this picture was taken facing the east, the glowing orb that is shown in the eastern sky is to represent Jesus' return. The "characters" are all me at different stages in my life regarding where I have been spiritually.

We will start with the one in the far back: this one is me being completely lost and consumed in all that the world has to offer. As you notice my head is down facing away from what is happening, I'm on my cell phone simply not paying any attention to what is going on. Now look at the "character" on the far right in the green and gray. This is me hearing about Jesus and just catching so much as an ear full here and there, but ultimately still clueless and searching for something.

The "character" in front of him on the front right, represents me at a stage in my life where I was "awakened" spiritually...found out Jesus was who He said He was and I became aware of what He can and will do. Now, the "me" in the front, facing the camera for the most part, represents me when I became "religious"...simply trying to present myself as "good" as possible...the look of arrogance on my face with my chin held high and of course ,the Bible in my right hand...symbolizes me "having it all together" -which I believe,more people than you may realize, go through this stage in their life.

It's a bitter-sweet place in my life because I see the danger in thinking and acting like that. I put "Me" first instead of Jesus...and by looking at this picture, "me" then, would have missed Jesus too. Now brings me to the "sweet" part of that stage because it led me to where I am now ... I'm the one in the middle, my heart humbled with nothing to offer but myself. Do not allow this to present myself to you in the manner of me "having it all together" because I do not... however.. my realizing where I am- being a sinner and accepting the fact that I NEED a Savior, is worth everything I believe.

This picture was inspired by the book of Revelation and what's to this is my symbol of where I've been spiritually and the start of the posting of "My Story, My Struggle, and My Art". Through each picture I will post, they will hold a deep meaning, feeling, or explanation of where I have been at some point in my life...hopefully allowing you to know me more and allow me to share with you my heart, honesty, and truth that I have stumbled across in this messed up journey we call life. Thanks for your time and patience.


Josh Mandrell said...

Your posts are awesome, Jordan.

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