Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This picture I drew up while listening to Bob Dylan's `Desire` album. What I tried to do in this one was create 3 images that went together to create 1 over all picture.

I'll start by saying that the album is amazing. When I was listening to it, I noticed it had a Mexican style to some of the songs, if not most of them. Enough so that I would say that album was heavily influenced by the culture one way or another.

So I will start explaining what I tried to capture. I don't know what scene you see when you look at this picture right off the bat, but like I said I merged 3 points of views into one, and here they are as I intended.

View 1: from the bottom of the page you see a sidewalk. Now let your eyes walk forward and step down off that sidewalk onto a dry& cracked dirt road. Looking over the old dusty street you see an old wooden clothes-line that stretches all the way across the road hanging poor laundry. On the far side of the street you then get to a shadowed "horizon" of a fire hydrant, a little fruit stand and some mounds of dirt or rock...then the big rock wall behind that, containing a few windows cut out of it.

Take a minute to look at the picture in the way that I just suggested.

View 2: starting from the sidewalk again at the bottom of the page...let your eyes go to the edge and then imagine that the big rock wall that was mentioned (in my last description) starts immediately at the edge of the side walk. Also imagine that the whole scene that I described in View one, is painted on the wall...and the top of the wall ends where the clouds and sky begin.

Again, take a moment to took at it in this perspective.

Lastly, View 3: start from the sun that is seen in the big cut out of the wall in the center of the page. Notice how the cut out resembles an acoustic guitar, the sun is then the middle hole on a guitar. The neck of the guitar runs from the right side of the cut out spot on the wall all the way up to the little tree that is on the other side of this natural rock wall, up at the top. The hat that you see blowing in the wind, is placed just above the guitar...where it would be if it were on the head of someone playing this "guitar". Go from the hat down to the clouds right below it. They take the formation of someone's arms if they were to be holding the guitar. Keep going down from there, the boots in the middle are placed there because that is about where the feet of a man would be that would be playing this guitar...I know they are not to scale but I didn't want to make it too obvious that I was trying to put an invisible man playing a guitar in the middle of this picture. =)

When I was listening to this album those colors came to mind...the burnt orange... against that bright blue sky... just think an old Mexican villa or something. For those who may not know this album has a lot of guitar strumming in it...which influenced the overall hidden guitar player.

I hope you understood what I was trying to explain...and more so.. I hope you enjoyed the over all turn out of this picture.

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